Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurses (RNs) provide skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by non-professionals. Some of these services include injections and intravenous therapy, wound care, education on disease treatment and prevention, and patient assessments. Our RNs will:

  1. Observe and assess the patient’s conditions.
  2. Teach the patient, patient’s family, and caregiver on how to manage the patient’s care.
  3. Provide skilled nursing procedures under a plan of treatment established with the physician.
  4. Supervise the Home Health Aides providing patient care.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists (PTs) work to restore the mobility and strength of patients who are limited or disabled by physical injuries through the use of exercise, and other methods. Our PTs will:

  1. Assess and evaluate the effect that the injury has had on the patient’s mobility. 
  2. Provide Exercise to restore movement and strength.
  3. Establish home exercise programs and teach precautions to the patient, patient's family, and caregiver.
  4. Teach patients and caregivers special techniques for walking and transfering around the home safely 

Occupational Therapy

OTs instruct patients on using specialized rehabilition techniques and equipment to improve their function in tasks such as bathing, dressing, and basic household routines.

  1. Teach different ways to perform everyday tasks by regaining the function lost in illness or injury.
  2. Recommend/adapt and fir self-help devides to restore full independence at home.
  3. Perform home safety evaluation.

Speech Therapy

Assess, evaluate and test the patient’s prognosis and the potential for rehabilitation.
Provide therapy to restore communication, comprehension and expression functions affected by an illness or injury.
Restore safe swallowing and feeding technique.

Medical Social Worker

Assess social and emotional elements affected by illness or injury.
Provide counseling services and link patients with community resources.

Home Health Aide

Assist the patient with personal care including bathing, hygiene, exercises and movement from bed and wheelchair as instructed by skilled nurses and therapists.
Areas of Service Coverage

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